WS 200 Emergency Oxygen Case

Item number: K) 121 025

The WS 200 contains a 2-litre O2 cylinder filled with medical oxygen and the CS 215 pressure regulator and is delivered assembled. The CS 215 pressure regulator can be adjusted in steps and has one additional medium pressure outlet (click connection) for the connection of demand systems. The O2 mask with reservoir bellows (open system) or the Wenoll re-circulation system can be connected to the universal tubing nipple. The Wenoll breathing system is put together in three easy steps and can be applied to patients either through a breathing mask or through a mouthpiece. The length of therapy with the re-circulation system is 7.5 hours with 100% oxygen. The WS 200 contains two CO2 absorbers as standard, permitting two patients to be simultaneously connected to the re-circulatory system. The maximum length of therapy is then 3:48 hours. For this application, one additional rebreathing bag and one additional tubing set is integrated in the case.

The case is made from high-impact pressure resistant ABS plastic (polycarbonate) with a hermetically sealing O-ring. It is 100% water and dust tight, absolutely suitable for tropical use, is extremely stable under pressure and has air pressure compensation by means of a bleed system built into the locking arrangement.