Pressure Regulator RS 220

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The RS 220 pressure regulator has been designed, manufactured and certified according to the newest guidelines DIN EN ISO 10524-1 (CE 0482). Its range of adjustment and functional components have been chosen such that all current applications can be used:

  • -  constant flow systems (eg. nasal cannula)

  • -  open systems
    2 mask with or without reservoir bellows)

  • -  demand systems (pneumatic or electronic)

  • -  closed systems (re-circulation systems)

The patented flush function (40 litres/min.) with automatic reset permits fast flushing or filling of the breathing system for high O2 concentrations.

The RS 220 pressure regulator has two self- sealing medium pressure outlets (click connection) and a constant-flow outlet with a universal tubing nipple for connecting tubes with a diameter of 4-6 mm.

The use of lightweight construction technology has given an additional weight reduction. Compared to conventional pressure regulators, the RS 220 thus contributing to the mobility of the entire Wenoll- System. This is also an important factor in moun- tain rescue and expedition medicinal uses. The weight of the complete RS 220 pressure regulator is just 670 g.

Periodic maintenance is at 5 year intervals, the date being documented on the test plaque.

The RS 220 pressure regulator is for administering medicinal oxygen in emergency medicine and for general O2 therapy.

The multiple outlets allow two patients to be treated simultaneously.

Demand systems, breathing equipment or suction units can be attached to the medium pressure outlets.