Apox Dual Regulator

Item number: R) Dual reg P.I.

Apox Dual regulator for the hospitals on board of offshore vessels.


Price is exclusieve vat

Apox Dual Regulator

Product description.

Dual Pressure reducing valve, offered by Apox B.v. especially for the shipping industry for the use of upright cylinders.

The Extension of the 200 bar inlet allows the system to be used on cylinders with a screw cap collar.

The system also offers the possibility to work with 2 humidifiers as prescribed in the IMO.

Standard executed in Pin Index (GCA 870) or Bull Nose (GCA 992).

We offer the possibility to convert this to Bull Nose British, German G., Japanese and Chinese female thread and G5/8 female thread

Flow settings: 

Adjustable up to 15 liters per minute, readable on the plastic flow pipe