Ambu® Spur II Disposable Resuscitator Adult

Item number: AMBU SPUR II

Disposable Ambu® SPUR II resuscitator is a Single Patient Use Resuscitator with a handel for your hand.

Ambu® SPUR II disposable resuscitator

The invention of the "Ambu bag" resuscitator in 1956 started Ambu on it's continuous journey developing products that others may not consider possible.

Today the term "Ambu bag" is used all over the world as a generic term for a resuscitator, however only Ambu manufacture the real "Ambu bag"

The Ambu SPUR II (Single Patient Use Resuscitator) is designed for manual ventilation of neonates through to adults and now with M-Port for direct capnography recording.

Features and benefits

  • DIRECT etCO2 Capability
  • Integrated handle for reliable functionality
  • Features our SafeGrip™ surface to ensure a secure grip onto the bag
  • Unique shape is small and easy to hold. The ergonomic, lightweight design of Ambu SPUR II is made for optimal user handling and support even during extended ventilations
  • Phthalate-free material. DEHP free. Does not contain natural rubber latex